Puncham began with five housewives. The good in the hearts of these five women ignited their tireless journey for improving the society in their own special way. They lit a flame of a very strong determination and brought more women to this organization that have the same kindling spirit in their hearts for helping others. Under the supreme guidance of Mrs. Rani Poddar from just 5 the numbers have grown to more than a century. Puncham believes in promoting culture, donating to the under privileged, inculcating values based on religion, encouraging togetherness and taking care of the children at various levels. Its main aim is to educate and provide clinical facilities to the poor. It ensures the genuine need before executing any such welfare program.

(Drinking water fountains)

Incidentally, at a dinner in 1982, Puncham came up with an idea of establishing drinking water fountains across Mumbai. This idea came into being because Mrs. Poddar witnessed one early morning, a poor man quenching his thirst by drinking water from a roadside drain. Hence, PUNCHAM built the first drinking water fountain (Pyau) at Girgaum Chowpatty. Today there are about 12 drinking water fountains at various sites in Mumbai. They are well maintained and are cleaned regularly.

These cold drinking water fountains were inaugurated by Shri I H Latif Hon. Governor of Maharashtra., Smt Jaywantiben Mehta, Union Power Minister, Shri Dattaji Nalawade Mayor of Mumbai, Muncipal Comissioners of Mumbai Mr Ranganathan, Mr Karun Shrivastav, Mr Johny Joseph, Mr Tinaikar &Mr Nalinakshan, and Shri Gopinath Munde, Shri Pramod Mahajan, Shri Chaggan Bhujbal, Shri Ramravadik and many Bollywood stars like Mrs Hema Malini, Padmani Kolahpure, Juhi Babbar, Mausmi chatterjee, Poonam Dhillon, Yukta Mookhey Tv Artist Tanaaz Irani and Tv Anchor Parijat Kohla also supported Mrs Poddar for this noble cause by attending the inauguration.

(Child aid)

Puncham being a child aid association organizes many programmes for children. The funds collected through Puncham are used sensitively mostly for charities. Beds were installed for the patients of Nargis Dutt critical unit which were donated to Mr Sunil Dutt. 200 beds were also changed in the Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital.

Puncham has also opened a library for children who cannot afford to buy books in Dharavi and a toy library for children in Kalina, in the companionship of Mrs Bilkish Latif Ex Lady Governor of Maharashtra.

Celebration of mentally disabled children’s birthdays is given a lot of importance since Puncham is always on a lookout to uplift the spirits of these little ones. Puncham participates and donates funds for organizing fun and fairs regularly for the inmates of the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and Mankhurd Children’s home. Midday meals and free lunches are also provided at various municipal hospitals, Iskcon School & FPH.

Puncham has adopted the Balwadi children where along with food it has donated books and stationery. Also, to inculcate the spirit of togetherness, patriotism and mutual responsibility Puncham has tried to bring together the children by celebrating Republic Day, Rakhi, Independence Day and Christmas.

(Other events for a social cause)

Distribution of vada pao, sharbat is done at the time of Ganpati. Puncham donated spectacles at eye camps where Dr. Kulin Kothari was invited through Mrs. Poddar.

Being sensitive to the needs of the blind people Puncham donated tape recorders, so it could provide company to these specially abled and bring a smile to them at time of challenge.

Gumboots & Umbrellas are distributed each rainy season. Ambulances were donated to the ‘Association for the blind’ on the request of Shri Dilip Kumar a known personality of the film line and to ‘Indian Cancer Society’ on the request of Dr. Jassawala to help the cancer patients, along with this Puncham has also donated, an Ambulance, a matador van and wheel chairs to Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped (FPH). Footwear was distributed to theweaker section of the society to prevent their feet from burning while walking bare feet on the roads in scorching heat. Grain and milk is also distributed by PUNCHAM regularly to the poor and needy.

Puncham believes in “GREEN MUMBAI CLEAN MUMBAI” and for this Puncham every year donates Neem and Tulsi saplings to all the visitors at its Puncham Bazaar. Puncham has also tied up with other organisations for the plantation of Tulsi and Neem saplings across Mumbai.

Mrs Poddar and her members have participated in “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” recently and have also invited school children to be a part of this Abhiyan.